JUST POP IT! volume_mute volume_mute If you're looking for high-testing, flavorful flower that's pre-ground and ready-to-roll, just pop The Lid! It comes in half and full ounce pop-top containers with pre-roll papers included for free...you're good-to-go!

ready to roll

If you want high-testing, flavorful weed…pre-ground and ready to roll…just pop The Lid! The Lid pre-ground flower comes in a convenient pop-top container with king size pre-roll papers already included! So you’re good-to-go, as soon as you step out…

dial your high

Unlike some pre-grounds that are blends, The Lid flower is all strain-specific Indica, Sativa and Hybrid cannabis strains. From GMO to Runtz to Lemon Meringue, check out some of our current flavors…

hook it up

Is YOUR fave local dispensary already poppin’? Our handy-AF store locator (hit that button below) can help! And if it ain’t? Well…they should be! Tell your local dispensary to get in touch and we’ll hook it up on the double.

That Lip-Smackin' Lid!

There’s more to love about The Lid than just rolling your own joints—premium pre-ground cannabis is a PERFECT step-saver for cooking, confections, and cocktails! Check out all the amazing and tasty ways to use The Lid with our series of how-to cooking videos paired with downloadable recipes, produced in partnership with our culinary parter, Smackin’ Soul Food

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